Normal (Fixed Speed) Cruise Control Mode

In addition to Adaptive Cruise Control mode, a normal (fixed speed) Cruise Control mode is available for cruising at fixed speeds. The normal Cruise Control mode is designed to maintain a set cruising speed without requiring the driver to operate the accelerator. Cruise Control can only be operated if the vehicle speed is above 20 mph (32 km/h).

To change modes, press the MODE button when the system is in either the OFF, READY, or SET position.

“Cruise Ready” will be displayed if the system was in ACC READY or ACC SET position. “Cruise Off” will be displayed if the system was in the ACC OFF position. To switch back to Adaptive Cruise Control mode, press the MODE button a second time.

In the normal Cruise Control mode, the system will not react to vehicles ahead. In addition, the proximity warning does not activate and no alarm will sound even if you are too close to the vehicle ahead since neither the presence of the vehicle ahead nor the vehicle-to vehicle distance is detected. Be sure to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Always be aware which mode is selected.

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