Ventilated Seats — If Equipped

On some models, both the driver and passenger seats are ventilated. Located in the seat cushion and seatback are small fans that draw air from the seat surface through fine perforations in the seat cover to help keep the driver and front passenger cooler in higher ambient temperatures.

The ventilated seats can be operated using the Uconnect Touch™ System.

Front Ventilated Seat Operation — Uconnect Touch™ 8.4/8.4 Nav:

Press the “Controls” soft-key located on the bottom of the Uconnect Touch™ display.

Controls Soft-Key
Controls Soft-Key

Press the “Driver” or “Passenger” seat soft-key once to select HI-level ventilation. Press the soft-key a second time to select LO-level ventilation. Press the soft-key a third time to shut off the seat ventilation.

Ventilated Seats Soft-Keys
Ventilated Seats Soft-Keys

The engine must be running for the ventilated seats to operate.

Vehicles Equipped With Remote Start

On models that are equipped with remote start, the driver’s ventilated seat can be programmed to come on during a remote start. Refer to “Remote Starting System —If Equipped” in “Things To Know Before Starting Your Vehicle” for further information.

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