Pair A Bluetooth Streaming Audio Device

• Touch the “Player” soft-key to begin,
• Change the Source to Bluetooth ,
• Touch the “Bluetooth ” soft-key,
• Touch the “Add Device” soft-key,

If there is no device currently connected with the system, a pop-up will appear.

• Search for available devices on your Bluetooth enabled audio device. When prompted on the device, enter the name and PIN shown on the Uconnect Touch™ screen,
• Uconnect™ Phone will display an in process screen while the system is connecting,
• When the pairing process has successfully completed, the system will prompt you to choose whether or not this is your favorite device. Selecting Yes will make this device the highest priority. This device will take precedence over other paired devices within range.

For devices which are not made a favorite, the device priority is determined by the order in which it was paired. The latest device paired will have the higher priority.

You can also use the following VR command to bring up a list of paired audio devices.

• “Show Paired Audio Devices”

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