Uconnect Touch™ 8.4/8.4 NAV

Uconnect™ Phone is a voice-activated, hands-free, invehicle communications system. Uconnect™ Phone allows you to dial a phone number with your mobile phone.

Uconnect™ Phone supports the following features:

Voice Activated Features:

• Hands Free dialing via Voice (“Call John Smiths Mobile” or, “Dial 248 555-1212”).

• Hands Free text to speech listening of your incoming SMS messages.

• Hands Free text messaging (“Send a message to John Smiths Mobile”).

• Redialing last dialed numbers (“Redial”).

• Calling Back the last incoming call number (“Call Back”).

• View Call logs on screen (“Show incoming calls”, “Show Outgoing calls”, “Show missed Calls”, “Show Recent Calls”).

• Searching Contacts phone number (“Search for John Smith Mobile”).

Screen Activated Features:

• Dialing via Keypad using touch-screen.

• Viewing and Calling contacts from Phonebooks displayed on the touch-screen.

• Setting Favorite Contact Phone numbers so the are easily accessible on the Main Phone screen.

• Viewing and Calling contacts from Recent Call logs.

• Reviewing your recent Incoming SMS.

• Sending a text message via the touch-screen.

• Listen to Music on your Bluetooth Device via the touch-screen.

• Pairing up to 10 phones/audio devices for easy access to connect to them quickly.

Your phone must be capable of SMS messaging via Bluetooth for messaging features to work properly.

Your mobile phone’s audio is transmitted through your vehicle’s audio system; the system will automatically mute your radio when using the Uconnect™ Phone.

For Uconnect™ customer support, visit the following websites:
• or call 1–877–855–8400

Uconnect™ Phone allows you to transfer calls between the system and your mobile phone as you enter or exit your vehicle and enables you to mute the system’s microphone for private conversation.

Any voice commanded system should be used only in safe driving conditions following local laws and phone use. All attention should be kept on the roadway ahead. Failure to do so may result in an accident causing serious injury or death.

The Uconnect™ Phone is driven through your Bluetooth “Hands-Free Profile” mobile phone.

Uconnect™ features Bluetooth technology - the global standard that enables different electronic devices to connect to each other without wires or a docking station, so Uconnect™ Phone works no matter where you stow your mobile phone (be it your purse, pocket, or briefcase), as long as your phone is turned on and has been paired to the vehicle’s Uconnect™ Phone. The Uconnect™ Phone allows up to ten mobile phones or audio devices to be linked to the system. Only one linked (or paired) mobile phone and one audio device can be used with the system at a time. The system is available in English, Spanish, or French languages.

Uconnect™ Phone Button

The Uconnect™ Phone  Button is

The Uconnect™ Phone used to Button is used to get into the phone mode and make calls, show recent, incoming, outgoing calls, view phonebook etc., When you press the button you will hear a BEEP. The beep is your signal to give a command.

Uconnect™ Voice Command Button

The Uconnect™ Voice Command

The Uconnect™ Voice Command Button Button is only used for “barge in” and when you are already in a call and you want to send Tones or make another call.

The the Voice button is also used to access the Voice Commands for the Uconnect™ Voice Command features if your vehicle is equipped. Please see the Uconnect™ Voice Command section for direction on how to use the button. button.

The Uconnect™ Phone is fully integrated with the vehicle’s audio system. The volume of the Uconnect™ Phone can be adjusted either from the radio volume control knob or from the steering wheel radio control (right switch), if so equipped.

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