Outside Mirrors With Turn Signal And Approach Lighting — If Equipped

Driver and passenger outside mirrors with turn signal and approach lighting contain four LEDs, which are located in the upper outer corner of each mirror.

Three of the LEDs are turn signal indicators, which flash with the corresponding turn signal lights in the front and rear of the vehicle. Turning on the Hazard Warning flashers will also activate these LEDs.

The fourth LED supplies illuminated entry lighting, which turns on in both mirrors when you use the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter or open any door. This LED shines outward to illuminate the front and rear door handles. It also shines downward to illuminate the area in front of the doors.

The Illuminated Entry lighting fades to off after about 30 seconds or it will fade to off immediately once the ignition is placed into the RUN position.

The approach lighting will not function when the shift lever is moved out of the PARK position.

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