Premium Console — If Equipped

The three-compartment console with sliding storage bin, sliding upper tray with storage and large console storage bin offers multiple configurations.
• Four cupholders with dishwasher safe liners for cleaning. The cupholders can accept plastic bottles, large cups or mugs with handles.
• Top tray storage
• Upper storage bin can hold nine regular or 18 thin CDs or other items
• Large console center storage will store headphones for the available rear DVD entertainment system or other items
• 12 Volt DC power outlet provides continuous power inside the console for cell phones or other electronics.
• Rear occupant accessible
• Multiple adjustments
• Removable from vehicle for additional floor space.

The top and center console sections slide forward and rearward to provide added user comfort.Aone-piece cup holder insert for both cavities can easily be removed for cleaning. The cupholders will also accommodate large size cups and 20 oz (.6 L) bottles.

Position 1 shows the console closed with four cupholders and a convenient storage tray.

Console Position 1
Console Position 1

Position 2 shows the raised storage tray revealing a large storage area below.

Console Position 2
Console Position 2

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