Power Liftgate — If Equipped

The power liftgate may be opened manually or by using the button on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter.

Press the button on the transmitter twice within five seconds, to open the power liftgate. When the liftgate is fully open, pressing the button twice within five seconds, a second time, will close the liftgate.

The power liftgate may also be opened and closed by pressing the button located on the overhead console.

Overhead Console Master Power Switch
Overhead Console Master Power Switch

1 — Left Door
2 — Liftgate
3 — Right Door
4 — Master Lock

The power liftgate may be closed by pressing the button, located in the upper left trim in the liftgate opening.

Pushing once will only close the liftgate. This button cannot be used to open the liftgate.

Rear Power Liftgate Switch
Rear Power Liftgate Switch

When the RKE transmitter button is pressed and the Flash Lights feature is enabled, the tail lights will flash and several audible beeps will occur to signal that the liftgate is opening or closing.

During power operation, personal injury or cargo damage may occur. Ensure the liftgate travel path is clear. Make sure the liftgate is closed and latched before driving away.

• If anything obstructs the power liftgate while it is closing or opening, the liftgate will automatically reverse to the closed or open position, provided it meets sufficient resistance.
• There are also pinch sensors attached to the side of the liftgate opening. Light pressure anywhere along these strips will cause the liftgate to return to the open position.
• During power operation, whether liftgate is fully open or fully closed, the liftgate chime will beep several times indicating power operation is in progress.
• The power liftgate must be in the full open or close positions for any of the buttons to operate. If the liftgate is not in the full open or close positions, it must be opened or closed manually.
• If the liftgate release button is activated while the power liftgate is closing, the liftgate will reverse to the full open position.
• The power liftgate buttons will not operate if the shift lever is in gear or the vehicle speed is above 0 mph (0 km/h).
• The power liftgate will not operate in temperatures below 12°F ( 24°C) or temperatures above 143°F (62°C). Be sure to remove any buildup of snow or ice from the liftgate before pressing any of the power liftgate buttons.
• If the power liftgate encounters multiple obstructions within the same cycle, the system will automatically stop and must be opened or closed manually.

• Driving with the liftgate open can allow poisonous exhaust gases into your vehicle. You and your passengers could be injured by these fumes. Keep the liftgate closed when you are operating the vehicle.
• If you are required to drive with the liftgate open, make sure that all windows are closed, and the climate control blower switch is set at high speed.
Do not use the recirculation mode.

Gas props support the liftgate in the open position.

However, because the gas pressure drops with temperature, it may be necessary to assist the props when opening the liftgate in cold weather.

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