Operation – 3.6L Engine

When the transmission is in DRIVE or SPORT mode, it will operate automatically, shifting between the eight available gears. To engage AutoStick , simply tap one of the steering wheel-mounted shift paddles (+/-) while in DRIVE or SPORT mode. When AutoStick is active, the current transmission gear is displayed in the instrument cluster. In AutoStick mode, the transmission will only shift up or down when (+/-) is manually selected by the driver, except as described below. It will remain in the selected gear until another upshift or downshift is chosen.

• If AutoStick is engaged while in DRIVE mode, lack of accelerator pedal activity will cause the transmissio to revert to automatic operation. The transmission will also upshift automatically once redline is reached. If the pedal is pressed to the floor, the transmission will downshift when possible (based on current vehicle speed and gear).

• If AutoStick is engaged while in SPORT mode, manual gear selection will be maintained until either SPORT mode is exited or as described below. The transmission will not upshift automatically at redline in this mode, nor will downshifts be obtained if the pedal is pressed to the floor.

• In either DRIVE or SPORT mode, the transmission will automatically downshift as the vehicle slows to a stop (to prevent engine lugging) and will display the current gear. Tapping the (+) paddle (at a stop) will allow starting in second gear. After a stop, the driver should manually upshift (+) the transmission as the vehicle accelerates.

To disengage AutoStick mode, press and hold the (+) shift paddle until “D” or “S” is once again displayed in the instrument cluster. You can shift in or out of the AutoStick mode at any time without taking your foot off the accelerator pedal.

Do not downshift for additional engine braking on a slippery surface. The drive wheels could lose their grip and the vehicle could skid, causing a collision or personal injury.

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