Service The Parksense Park Assist System

When the ParkSense Park Assist System is malfunctioning, the instrument cluster will actuate a single chime, once per ignition cycle. The instrument cluster will display the “CLEAN PARK ASSIST” message when any of the rear or front sensor(s) are blocked by snow, mud, or ice and the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE or DRIVE.

The instrument cluster will display the “SERVICE PARK ASSIST” message when any of the rear or front sensors are damaged and require service. When the shift lever is moved to REVERSE or DRIVE and the system has detected a faulted condition, the EVIC will display the “CLEAN PARK ASSIST”, “SERVICE PARK ASSIST” or the “SERVICE PARK ASSIST SYSTEM” message for as long as the vehicle is in REVERSE or DRIVE (at speeds less than 7 mph [11 km/h]). Under this condition Park- Sense will not operate. Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further information.

If “CLEAN PARK ASSIST” appears in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) make sure the outer surface and the underside of the rear fascia/bumper and/or front fascia/bumper is clean and clear of snow, ice, mud, dirt or other obstruction and then cycle the ignition. If the message continues to appear see an authorized dealer.

If “SERVICE PARK ASSIST or “SERVICE PARK ASSIST SYSTEM” appears in the EVIC, see an authorized dealer.

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