Driver Memory Seat — If Equipped

This feature allows the driver to store up to two different memory profiles for easy recall through a memory switch. Each memory profile contains desired position settings for the driver seat, side mirrors, adjustable pedals (if equipped), and power tilt and telescopic steering column (if equipped) and a set of desired radio station presets. Your Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter can also be programmed to recall the same positions when the UNLOCK button is pressed.

• Only one RKE transmitter can be linked to each of the memory positions.
• Passive Entry door handles cannot be linked to the memory function. Use either the memory recall switch or the RKE transmitter (if linked to the memory feature) to recall memory positions 1 or 2.

The memory seat switch is located on the driver’s door trim panel. The switch consists of three buttons: The (S) button, which is used to activate the memory save function and the (1) and (2) buttons which are used to recall either of two pre-programmed memory profiles.

Memory Seat Switch
Memory Seat Switch

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