Uconnect Touch™ 8.4/8.4 NAV

The Uconnect™ Voice Command system allows

The Uconnect™ Voice Command system allows you to control your AM, FM radio, satellite radio, disc player, SD Card, USB/iPod and Sirius Travel Link.

Take care to speak into the Voice Command system as calmly and normally as possible. The ability of the Voice Command system to recognize user voice commands may be negatively affected by rapid speaking or a raised voice level.

Any voice commanded system should be used only in safe driving conditions following local laws. All attention should be kept on the roadway ahead.
Failure to do so may result in a collision causing serious injury or death.

When you press the Uconnect™ Voice Command button, you will hear a beep. The beep is your signal to button, you will hear a beep. The beep is your signal to give a command.

If no command is spoken the system will say one of two responses:
• I didn’t understand
• I didn’t get that, etc.,

If a command is not spoken a second time, the system will respond with an error and give some direction as what can be said based on the context you are in. After three consecutive failures of a spoken command the VR session with end.

Pressing the Uconnect™ Voice Command button button while the system is speaking is known as “barging in.” The system will be interrupted, and after the beep, you can say a command. This will become helpful once you start to learn the options.

At any time, you can say the words “Cancel” or “Help”.

These commands are universal and can be used from any menu. All other commands can be used depending upon the active application.

When using this system, you should speak clearly and at a normal speaking volume.

The system will best recognize your speech if the windows are closed, and the heater/air conditioning fan is set to low.

At any point, if the system does not recognize one of your commands, you will be prompted to repeat it.

To hear available commands, press the Uconnect™ Voice Command will hear button and say “Help”. You will hear available commands for the screen displayed.

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