Emergency Assistance

If you are in an emergency and the mobile phone is reachable:

• Pick up the phone and manually dial the emergency number for your area.

If the phone is not reachable and the Uconnect™ Phone is operational, you may reach the emergency number as follows:

• Press the • After the “Listening” prompt and the following beep, button to begin.

• After the “Listening” prompt and the following beep, say “Call Emergency or Dial Emergency” and the Uconnect™ Phone will instruct the paired mobile phone to call the emergency number. This feature is supported in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

• The Emergency call may also be initiated by using the touch-screen.
• The emergency number dialed is based on the country where the vehicle is purchased (911 for the U.S. and Canada and 060 for Mexico). The number dialed may not be applicable with the available mobile service and area.

• The Uconnect™ Phone does slightly lower your chances of successfully making a phone call as to that for the mobile phone directly.

Your phone must be turned on and connected to the Uconnect™ Phone to allow use of this vehicle feature in emergency situations, when the mobile phone has network coverage and stays connected to the Uconnect™ Phone.

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