Power Door Locks

A power door lock switch is on each front door trim panel. Use this switch to lock or unlock the doors.

Power Door Lock Switch
Power Door Lock Switch

The doors can also be locked and unlocked with the Keyless Enter-N-Go (Passive Entry) system. For further information, refer to “Keyless Enter-N-Go” in “Things To Know Before Starting Your Vehicle”.

If you press the power door lock switch while the ignition is in the ACC or ON/RUN position, and any front door is open, the power locks will not operate. This prevents you from accidentally locking the Key Fob in the vehicle. Cycling the ignition to the OFF position or closing the door will allow the locks to operate. If a door is open, and the ignition is in the ACC or ON/RUN position, a chime will sound as a reminder to remove the Key Fob.

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