A/C Air Filter

Refer to the “Maintenance Schedule” for the proper maintenance intervals.

Do not remove the A/C air filter while the blower is operating or personal injury may result.

The A/C air filter is located in the fresh air inlet behind the glove box. Perform the following procedure to replace the filter:

1. Open the glove compartment and remove all contents.

2. Push in on the sides of the glove compartment and lower the door.

3. Pivot the glove compartment downward.

4. Disengage the two retaining tabs that secure the filter cover to the HVAC housing, and remove the cover.

A/C Air Filter Replacement
A/C Air Filter Replacement

5. Remove the A/C air filter by pulling it straight out of the housing.

6. Install the A/C air filter with the arrow on the filter pointing toward the floor. When installing the filter cover, make sure the retaining tabs fully engage the cover.

The A/C air filter is identified with an arrow to indicate airflow direction through the filter. Failure to properly install the filter will result in the need to replace it more often.

7. Rotate the glove compartment door back into position.

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