Spare Tire Removal Instructions

The spare tire is located under the vehicle beneath the center console area.

Spare Tire And Cover
Spare Tire And Cover

1. Assemble the spare tire tools into a T-handle and place the square end over the spare tire winch drive nut.

2. Rotate the nut to the left until the winch mechanism stops turning freely. This will allow enough slack in the cable to allow you to pull the spare tire out from underneath the vehicle.

The winch mechanism is designed for use with the winch T-handle only. Use of an air wrench or other power tools is not recommended and can damage the winch.

3. To remove the compact spare tire/cover assembly, assemble the winch T-handle extensions to form a spare tire hook, and pull the spare tire out from under the vehicle.

Pulling Spare Tire
Pulling Spare Tire

If either front tire is flat it may be necessary to jack up the vehicle to remove the compact spare tire/ cover assembly from under the vehicle.

4. Stand the tire/cover assembly upright and remove the wheel spacer by squeezing the winch retaining tabs together. Push the retainer through the spare tire to release it from the wheel.

Removing Wheel Spacer
Removing Wheel Spacer

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