The “Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light” will flash on and off for 75 seconds, and remain on solid when a system fault is detected. The system fault will also sound a chime. The EVIC will display a “SERVICE TPM SYSTEM” message for a minimum of five seconds. This text message is then followed by a graphic display, with - - in place of the pressure value(s) indicating which TPMS Sensor(s) is not being received.

If the ignition switch is cycled, this sequence will repeat, providing the system fault still exists. If the system fault no longer exists, the “Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light” will no longer flash, the “SERVICE TPM SYSTEM” message will not be present, and a pressure value will be displayed instead of dashes. A system fault can occur by any of the following scenarios:

1. Jamming due to electronic devices or driving next to facilities emitting the same radio frequencies as the TPMS sensors.

2. Installing some form of aftermarket window tinting that affects radio wave signals.

3. Accumulation of excessive snow and/or ice around the wheels or wheel housings.

4. Using tire chains on the vehicle.

5. Using wheels/tires not equipped with TPMS sensors.

The EVIC will also display a “SERVICE TPM SYSTEM” message for a minimum of five seconds when a system fault possibly related to an incorrect sensor location fault is present. In this case, the “SERVICE TPM SYSTEM” message is then followed by a graphic display with pressure values still shown. This indicates that the pressure values are still being received from the TPM sensors but they may not be in the correct vehicle position. The system still needs to be serviced as long as the “SERVICE TPM SYSTEM” message exists.

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