TPMS Low Pressure Warnings

The “Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light” will illuminate in the instrument cluster, and an audible chime will be activated when one or more of the four active road tire pressures are low. In addition, the EVIC will display a “LOW TIRE PRESSURE” message for a minimum of five seconds and a graphic display of the pressure value(s) with the low tire(s) flashing.

Should a low tire condition occur on any of the four active road tire(s), you should stop as soon as possible, and inflate the low tire(s) that is flashing on the graphic display to the vehicle’s recommended cold tire pressure value. The system will automatically update, the graphic display of the pressure value(s) will stop flashing, and the “Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light” will extinguish once the updated tire pressure(s) have been received.

The vehicle may need to be driven for up to 20 minutes above 15 mph (24 km/h) to receive this information.

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