ESC Operating Modes

The “ESC Off” switch is located in the center

The “ESC Off” switch is located in the center switch bank, next to the hazard flasher switch.


This mode is the normal operating mode for ESC on two-wheel drive vehicles. Whenever the vehicle is started, the ESC system will be in this mode. This mode should be used for most driving situations. ESC should only be turned off for specific reasons as noted below.

ESC Partial Off

This mode is entered by momentarily pressing the “ESC Off” switch.

When in the “Partial Off” mode, the TCS portion of ESC, except for the “limited slip” feature described in the TCS section, has been disabled and the “ESC Activation/ Malfunction Indicator Light” will be illuminated. When in the “Partial Off” mode, ESC will operate without engine torque management. This mode is intended to be used if the vehicle is in deep snow, sand or gravel conditions and more wheel spin than ESC would normally allow is required to gain traction. To turn ESC on again, momentarily press the “ESC Off” switch. This will restore the normal “ESC On” mode of operation.

To improve the vehicle’s traction when driving with snow chains, or starting off in deep snow, sand or gravel, it may be desirable to switch to the “Partial Off” mode by pressing the “ESC Off” switch. Once the situation requiring ESC to be switched to the “Partial Off” mode is overcome, turn ESC back on by momentarily pressing the “ESC Off” switch. This may be done while the vehicle is in motion.

In partial ESC mode, the engine power reduction feature of ESC is disabled. Therefore, enhanced vehicle stability offered by the ESC system is reduced.

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