Manual Operation

This system offers a full complement of manual override features. The AUTO symbol in the front ATC display will be turned off when the system is being used in the manual mode.

Each of these features operate independently from each other. If any one feature is controlled manually, the temperature doors will continue to operate automatically.

There are seven fixed blower speeds.

There are seven fixed blower speeds.

Use the outer dial control to regulate the amount of air forced through the system in any mode you select. The blower speed increases as you move the control clockwise and decreases when you move the control counterclockwise.

The blower fan speed can be set to any fixed speed by adjusting the blower control outer dial. The fan will now operate at a fixed speed until additional speeds are selected. This allows the front occupants to control the volume of air circulated in the vehicle and cancel the Auto mode.

The operator can also select the direction of the airflow by selecting one of the following positions.

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