Steering Wheel Audio Controls — If Equipped

Remote Sound System Controls (Back View Of Steering Wheel)
Remote Sound System Controls (Back View Of Steering Wheel)

The remote sound system controls are located on the rear surface of the steering wheel, at the three and nine o’clock positions.

The right-hand rocker switch has a pushbutton in the center, and controls the volume and mode of the sound system. Pressing the top of the rocker switch will increase the volume. Pressing the bottom of the rocker switch will decrease the volume. Pressing the center button changes the operation of the radio from AM to FM, or to CD mode, depending on which radio is in the vehicle.

The left-hand rocker switch has a pushbutton in the center. The function of the left-hand switch is different, depending on which mode you are in.

The following describes the left-hand rocker switch operation in each mode.

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