Second Row Bench Seat — If Equipped

While the bench seat does not stow in the floor, it is removable for added cargo space.

Second Row Bench Seat
Second Row Bench Seat

Release levers are located on the rear leg assemblies, near the floor. To remove the seat, squeeze each release handle and rotate downwards to deploy the wheels. A lock indicator button pops up when the seat is unlocked. The seat assembly can now be removed from the vehicle and moved on its Easy Out Rollers.

Release Handles
Release Handles

To reinstall the seat, align the seat into the detent positions on the floor. Squeeze the release handle and rotate upward until the lock indicator button returns into the handle.

If not properly latched, the bench seats could become loose. Personal injuries could result. After reinstalling these seats, be sure the red indicator button on the release handles return into the handles.

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