Blind Spot Alert Lights/Chime

When operating in Blind Spot Alert Lights/Chime mode, the BSM system will provide a visual alert in the appropriate side view mirror based on a detected object. If the turn signal is then activated, and it corresponds to an alert present on that side of the vehicle, an audible chime will also be sounded. Whenever a turn signal and detected object are present on the same side at the same time, both the visual and audio alerts will be issued. In addition to the audible alert the radio (if on) will also be muted.

• Whenever an audible alert is requested by the BSM system, the radio is also muted.
• If the hazard flashers are on, the system will request the appropriate visual alert only.
When the system is in RCP, the system shall respond with both visual and audible alerts when a detected object is present. Whenever an audible alert is requested, the radio is also muted. Turn/hazard signal status is ignored; the RCP state always requests the chime.

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