Restraining Infants And Small Children In Commercial Cargo Vehicles

There are different sizes and types of restraints for children from newborn size to the child almost large enough for an adult safety belt. Use the restraint that is correct for your child:
• The forward-facing child seat is for children from about 20 to 40 lbs (9 to 18 kg), and more than one year old.
• A convertible child seat, one that is designed to be used for children who are too heavy for a rearwardfacing infant seat, may be used IN THE FORWARD FACING POSITION ONLY, IT MUST NEVER BE INSTALLED FACING TO THE REAR INACOMMERCIAL CARGO VEHICLE. When a convertible seat is properly installed facing forward, the vehicle seat should be adjusted to the rear most position.
• Children more than 40 lbs (18 kg) should be secured in the passenger seat in a child restraint or beltpositioning booster seat with the seat adjusted to the rear most position. Older children who do not use child restraints or belt-positioning booster seats should ride properly buckled in the passenger seat with the seat adjusted to the rearmost position. Never allow children to slide the shoulder belt behind them or under their arm.

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