Power Sliding Side Door — If Equipped

The power sliding door may be opened or

The power sliding door may be opened or closed manually or by using the buttons on the RKE transmitter, overhead console switch, or rear door switch. Pulling the inside or outside power sliding door handle will also power open or close the power sliding door.

Pulling the outside power sliding door handle a second time while the sliding door is power opening or power closing will allow the sliding door to be opened or closed manually.

Press the button on the RKE transmitter twice within five seconds to open a power sliding door. When the door is fully open, pressing the button twice within five seconds a second time will close the door.

There are power sliding side door switches located on the b-pillar trim panel, just in front of the power sliding door for the rear seat passengers and in the overhead console for the driver and passengers. Pressing the switch once will open the power sliding door. If the switch is pressed while the door is under a power cycle, the door will reverse direction.

The power sliding side door must be unlocked before the power sliding door switches will operate.

Power Sliding Door Switch
Power Sliding Door Switch

If the inside or outside door handles are used while the power sliding side door is activated, the power sliding door feature will be canceled and will go into manual mode.

To avoid unintentional operation of the power sliding doors from the rear seats, press the power sliding door master lock button, located in the overhead console, to disable the switches and handles for the rear seat passengers.

• The power sliding side door switches will not open if the shift lever is in gear or the vehicle speed is above 0 mph (0 km/h). To close the power sliding door with the shift lever in gear and vehicle speed at 0 mph (0 km/h), the brake must be pressed.
• If anything obstructs the power sliding side door while it is closing or opening, the door will automatically reverse to the closed or open position, provided it meets sufficient resistance.
• If the power sliding side door is not in the full open or close position, it will fully open when a power sliding door switch is pressed. To close the door, wait until it is fully open and then press the switch again.
• If the power sliding door encounters multiple obstructions within the same cycle, the system will automatically stop, the power sliding door motor will make a clicking sound until the door has no further movement.
This clicking sound can be stopped by pulling the inside or outside handle. If this condition occurs, no damage is done to the power sliding door motor.
The power sliding door must be opened or closed manually.

You, or others, could be injured if caught in the path of the sliding door. Make sure the door path is clear before closing the door.

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