Shift Lever Override — 5 Speed Transmission

If a malfunction occurs and the shift lever cannot be moved out of the PARK position, you can use the following procedure to temporarily move the shift lever:

1. Firmly apply the parking brake.

2. Remove the rubber tray from the storage bin located to the right of the shift lever. The override access port is near the bottom of the bin to the right of the shift lever gate.

3. Turn the engine OFF.

4. Press and maintain firm pressure on the brake pedal.

5. Using a screwdriver or similar tool, press and hold the override tab through the access port on the center console.

Shift Lever Override
Shift Lever Override

6. Move the shift lever to the NEUTRAL position.

7. The vehicle may then be started in NEUTRAL.

8. Reinstall the rubber tray in the storage bin.

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