Jack Location/Spare Tire Stowage

The jack and spare tire are both stowed under an access cover in the trunk. Follow these steps to access the jack and spare tire.

The spare tire must be removed in order to access the jack.

1. Open the trunk.

2. Lift the access cover using the pull strap.

Opening The Access Panel
Opening The Access Panel

3. Remove the fastener securing the spare tire.

Spare Tire Fastener
Spare Tire Fastener

4. Remove the spare tire.

5. Remove the fastener securing the jack.

Jack Fastener
Jack Fastener

6. Remove the scissors jack and lug wrench from the spare wheel as an assembly. Turn the jack screw to the left to loosen the lug wrench, and remove the wrench from the jack assembly.

• A loose tire or jack thrown forward in a collision or hard stop could endanger the occupants of the vehicle. Always stow the jack parts and the spare tire in the places provided.
• Have the deflated (flat) tire repaired or replaced immediately.

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