Fuel Requirements

If your vehicle is E-85 compatible, it will operate on unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87, or E-85 fuel, or any mixture of these two fuels.

For best results, a refueling pattern that avoids alternating between E-85 and unleaded gasoline is recommended.

When you do switch fuel types it is recommended that:
• you do not add less than 5 gal (19 L) when refueling
• you drive the vehicle immediately after refueling for at least 5 miles (8 km)

Observing these precautions will avoid possible hard starting and/or significant deterioration in driveability during warm up.

• Use seasonally adjusted E-85 fuel (ASTM D5798).With non-seasonally adjusted E-85 fuel, you may experience hard starting and rough idle following start up even if the above recommendations are followed, especially when the ambient temperature is below 32°F (0°C).
• Some additives used in regular gasoline are not fully compatible with E-85 and may form deposits in your engine. To eliminate driveability issues that may be caused by these deposits, a supplemental gasoline additive, such as MOPAR Injector Cleanup or Techron may be used.

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