Operation – 5.7L Engine

When the shift lever is in the DRIVE position, the transmission will operate automatically, shifting between the five available gears. To engage AutoStick , simply move the shift lever to the right or left (+/-) while in the DRIVE position, or tap one of the steering wheelmounted shift paddles (+/-), if equipped. When AutoStick is active, the current transmission gear is displayed in the instrument cluster. In AutoStick mode, the transmission will shift up or down when (+/-) is manually selected by the driver (using the shift lever, or the shift paddles [if equipped]), unless an engine lugging or overspeed condition would result. It will remain in the selected gear until another upshift or downshift is chosen, except as described below.

• If AutoStick is engaged while in DRIVE mode, the transmission will automatically shift up when maximum engine speed is reached.

• If AutoStick is engaged while in SPORT mode, the transmission will remain in the selected gear even when maximum engine speed is reached. The transmission will upshift only when commanded by the driver.

• The transmission will automatically downshift as the vehicle slows down (to prevent engine lugging) and will display the current gear.

• The transmission will automatically downshift to first gear when coming to a stop. After a stop, the driver should manually upshift (+) the transmission as the vehicle is accelerated.

• Heavily pressing the accelerator pedal will generate an automatic downshift (for improved acceleration) when reasonable.

• You can start out in first or second gear. Tapping (+) (at a stop) will allow starting in second gear. Starting out in second gear is helpful in snowy or icy conditions.

• The system will ignore attempts to upshift at too low of a vehicle speed.

• Avoid using speed control when AutoStick is engaged.

• Transmission shifting will be more noticeable when AutoStick is engaged.

To disengage AutoStick mode, hold the shift lever to the right or press and hold the (+) shift paddle (if equipped) until “D” is once again displayed in the instrument cluster. You can shift in or out of the AutoStick mode at any time without taking your foot off the accelerator pedal.

Do not downshift for additional engine braking on a slippery surface. The drive wheels could lose their grip and the vehicle could skid, causing a collision or personal injury.

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