Front Seat Cupholders

The cupholders are located in the forward edge of the center console.

Retractable Cover
Retractable Cover

Front Cupholders
Front Cupholders

Heated and Cooled Cupholders — If Equipped

Your vehicle may be equipped with heated and cooled cupholders. The cupholders are designed to help keep warm beverages warm and cold beverages cool.

Heated And Cooled Cupholder Switches
Heated And Cooled Cupholder Switches

Press the “Cold” symbol once to turn on the cupholder; press the symbol a second time to turn the cupholder off.

Press the “Hot” symbol once to activate the cupholder; press the symbol a second time to turn off the cupholder.

When using the cupholder in the “Heat” position, avoid contact with the heated portion of the cupholder in order to reduce the possibility of burns.
Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, medication, alcohol use, exhaustion or other physical condition must exercise particular care in order to prevent serious burn injury.
Keep the cupholder free of debris or stray objects when operated in the Heat position.

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